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Mailing Address

Marijuana Anonymous
P.O. Box 8098
New York, NY 10116 USA


Marijuana Anonymous World Services MAWS

MA Literature (pamphlets also available in Spanish)

Hospitals and Institutions

District 8 of Marijuana Anonymous covers the New York Metro Area. If you represent a hospital or an institution with people who may have a problem with Marijuana addiction, and think they might benefit from learning about Marijuana Anonymous please contact us.

We conduct usually hour-long panels, where MA members come in and share their experience, strength, hope, and the MA program. Please email with any questions or to schedule a panel with the name of your facility, the day, and time that would be be best for you.

Public Information

For informative pamphlets and meeting cards please visit the MAWS Literature page or email

Panel Speakers

If you are a member of MA with 90 days or more of sobriety, and interested in doing service as an H & I representative, please email

When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of MA to be there; and for that,