We have completed our switch over to Zoom-accessible meetings. We now have at least one Zoom-accessible meeting per day, with more to come. Please take a look at the COVID-19 schedule below for the most recent information. The schedule is available in both downloadable graphic format and as a list with direct links.


8PM Monday Night Beginner’s Meeting
Meeting ID: 613 365 761
Password: Mseed8

11AM Tuesday “Daytrippers” Daytime Meeting
Meeting ID: 296 732 500
Password: 1234thave

8PM Tuesday Meditation Meeting
Meeting ID: 814 645 872
Password: 248076

7PM-9:30PM Wednesday Night
BK/NY Mega-Meeting
Meeting ID: 377 765 956
Password: 407588

8PM Thursday Night Williamsburg Bridge To Life Meeting
Meeting ID: 221 268 563
Password: 966481

12PM NOON Friday Daytime
“Fried-Day Lunchtime WFH Sweatpants Party”
Meeting ID: 132 809 473
Password: FridayNoon

7:45PM Friday Fellowship
Meeting ID: 990 909 620
Password: 404532

8:15PM Saturday Keep Off The Grass!
Meeting ID: 624 056 433
Password: 710277

7:30PM Sunday Keep Off The Grass!
Meeting ID: 519 696 140
Password: 578719

For more information on COVID-19, please refer to the following resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

Trying to hit a meeting?

New York City is home to at least one MA meeting a night, seven nights a week.

Please click on any of the meetings below for location and details.

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